Egyptian Lute (small)

Instrument Type:
chordophone (spike lute)
Ancient Egypt
Find Spot:
Thebes, Tomb 1389 / Egypt
Late Bronze Age / New Kindgom, 18th Dynasty, Amarna Period
Time Frame:
c. 1353-1336 BC
wood (hardwood substitute: beech or maple / softwood substitute: maranti) / gut / goat skin / textile
length 64 cm / width 12 cm / depth 9 cm
Production Time:
4-5 weeks
on request

Small spike lute made from a mixture of original and substitute materials, aproximate size. Wooden resonator in the shape of a turtoise shell (replacing the original shell from the Egyptian turtoise, Testudi kleinmanni), and a skin with 6 soundholes. Two gut strings of 1mm each. Wooden plectrum. Custom-made: resonator from plastic cast (turtoise shell replica) / red-dyed skin / wooden surface treatment (antique stain, laquering).


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