Neolithic Drum (small)

Instrument Type:
membranophone (biconical drum)
Trichterbecher (TRB) / Walternienburg-Bernburger
Find Spot:
Lagerburg / Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Late Neolithic
Time Frame:
c. 3200-2800 BC
ceramics (natural clays) / dear or goat skin / lime
height 18 cm / diameter 20 cm (approx.)
approx. 1 kg
Production Time:
5-6 weeks
on request

Small ceramic drum with dear or goat skin, approximate size. Geometrical design with lime incrustation, made from authentic materials (natural clays, animal hide) and fired in a traditional outdoor kiln.


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Neolithic drums (after Wyatt 2010)

These ceramic objects are frequently discovered in burials and domestic contexts of the Late Neolithic cultures in central Germany. Their use as drums is probable, but so far not finally verified. Similar objects were found in China. Any type shown above could be reproduced.